The ASTERICS Framework

ASTERICS stands for „Augsburg Sophisticated Toolbox for Embedded Real-time Image Crunching Systems“.

Main features

  • Real-time image processing in embedded hardware
  • Modular toolbox with a library of image processing modules
  • Simple module interfaces for streaming-based image processing

Growing module library

  • Image capture from various image sensors (Aptina, Sony, OmniVision)
  • Reading and writing image data from and to memory
  • Rearrangment of image data (join / split data streams)
  • Efficient 2D filter structures
  • Image transition, e.g. rectification
  • Stereo image processing, e.g. depth maps
  • More details on the libraries modules can be found here.

ASTERICS Simulation Pack

  • To evaluate and simulate developed modules
    • Visualisation of input and output image data
    • Supports GHDL/GTKWave and Xilinx ISE/ISim

Further information

An overview on the ASTERICS framework can be found on the website of the Efficient Embedded Systems workgroup.

More details on the frameworks structure and implementation can be found here.

Information towards Code Conventions can be found here.


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